How Teachers Can Profit From Their Work

When people think of education, they usually have a certain idea in their mind: teachers who are passionate about helping students learn while at the same time not necessarily focusing on making money.

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Money isn’t usually the biggest concern for teachers; after all, how many teachers go into education solely for the money? If they do they are bound to be disappointed.


But what if teachers were able to profit off their own lesson plans that they poured so much time and effort into?

Teachers Pay Teachers

There is a website called Teachers Pay Teachers that allows teachers to sell their lesson plans to other teachers all over the world.

Here is how it works: when a teacher comes across an idea that enhances the learning of students he/she creates a lesson plan, or a plan of attack on how to best teach a certain concept.

A lesson plan is essentially an outline on how something is taught to the students using methods they are most likely to respond to. If the lesson plan is really good, other teachers who also teach the same subject will want to use it (and be willing to pay for it).

Teachers can sign up for three different types of memberships: standard, upgrade and premium. To sell an item you need to signup for either the upgrade or premium memberships. The upgrade membership offers a lower royalty on items sold but is free. The premium membership has an annual fee of $60 but offers higher royalties for sellers (85%).

How Much Money Can They Make?

The amount of income completely depends on the quality of the lesson plan, how many lesson plans the teacher has available for sale, the subject/grade level and the complexity and uniqueness of the plan.

A quick review of the website showed that the large majority of teachers don’t make a significant income from the website, but a smaller side income from the sale of lesson plans.

Still, I was surprised to hear that some teachers were able to make $4,000 per month on the website. Realistically though I think most teachers make $500 per month (or less) from the sale of their lesson plans.

How You Can Make Money

If you are a teacher and have lesson plans that other teachers may want, I would definitely check out the website Teachers Pay Teachers.

The website gives teachers the exposure that they need and sell the lesson plans they have made that might help other teachers around the world. Even if you aren’t a teacher you could still make money by selling teaching materials that others may want to help explain a complicated concept.

Conclusion: Teachers Pay Teachers seems like a great avenue for teachers to earn a side income. The best part is that they don’t have to do anything extra – they could simply list the lesson plans they have on the website and earn revenues. This would be great for busy teachers with extracurricular activities on top of work or teachers who are currently on maternity leave.

Note – I have no affiliation with Teachers Pay Teachers

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