Weekend Reading: January 29, 2015

Our Big Fat Wallet was recently named as one of Brighter Life’s favourite writers of 2014. It’s a great honour to be mentioned!

Here is a very interesting compilation of retirees who share their biggest financial surprises upon retiring.

Sean Cooper has some tips to avoid being scammed by a contractor. Lots of it is common sense yet it seems like ever year there are stories of people who get ripped off by contractors for their home renovations.

Do you ever compare your net worth? Boomer from Boomer & Echo explains that as much as we like to compare to others, it’s more a state of mind than a number.

Over at LSM Insurance, read about a quick way to save thousands on your life insurance costs. Such a simple method that many people (including myself) didn’t know about.

Here are some funny money tweets from Canajun Finances. My favourite is the picture of the Ferrari that has a license plate “HI DEBT.” So true and honest.

As you probably know, the Bank of Canada reduced their prime lending rate which was (partially) matched by the big banks. I’m hoping the big banks will continue to lower their mortgage rates in the future, but for now the banks are content to not pass on the savings to consumers.

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Despite the gloomy economic outlook, CN Rail has managed to post an impressive Q4 with $844 million, and a 25% increase to their dividend. The stock currently yields 1.2%.

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In case you didn’t hear, Apple released their quarterly results and they are the best ever – selling 34,000 iPhones per hour. The future looks bright for Apple and the Apple Watch is set to come out in April. (Disclosure – I do not own shares of Apple).

Factors to Consider With a Pension Buy Back

Earlier I had written about how we are planning a pension buy-back for my wife after she goes back to work from a maternity leave. For those who aren’t aware, a pension buy-back is basically buying back missed years of service (ie. maternity leave) to ensure that the defined benefit pension isn’t reduced due toContinue Reading